• Biography

    Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the CIn of UFPE. He received his BSc from College of science and technology Pernambuco in 2011 and his MSc from CIn of UFPE in 2014. He has worked in the field of Data Base, now its the particular interests are in concept drift detection, data streams, and statistical machine learning.

  • Publications

    1. Maciel, B. I. F.; Santos, S. G. T. C. & Barros, R. S. M. A Lightweight Concept Drift Detection Ensemble - IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI), At Vietri sul Mare, Italy, 2015. Download

  • Software

    This page contains some links to useful software packages which I've found useful.

    1. MOA (Massive Online Analysis) - is the most popular open source framework for data stream mining, with a very active growing community (blog). It includes a collection of machine learning algorithms (classification, regression, clustering, outlier detection, concept drift detection and recommender systems) and tools for evaluation - Click Here

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